Mon - Sat 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM ( IST )


Hosana Mount, Bharanaganam, Pala, Kottayam, Kerala.



Santhiyoga / FAQ
Terms & Conditions
  1. All participants shall arrive in the classroom at the scheduled class timings and no one is allowed to go outside without prior permission.
  2. The participants shall keep their rooms, house and surroundings neat and clean.
  3. All participants have to move to their residences/rooms by 8.30 pm. after evening program.
  4. Food has to be eaten at the scheduled time itself and those who doesn’t want food may be intimated in advance.
  5. All participants should observe proper dress code and honest behaviour within the campus.
  6. All participants should either switched off/keep mobile phones in silent mode during the class hours.
  7. Assignments and record works have to be submitted within the time limit.
  8. Yoga mat, glasses, plates etc. have to be kept clean after use and be laid at the allotted places.
  9. All participants have to bring essential articles for their personal use.
  10. Participants should make sure that the A/C, fan, lights etc. are switched off before leaving rooms.
Certificate Specimen

Usage of Alcohol and Smoking

Usage of alcohol, cigarettes and all other intoxicants are strictly prohibited within in the campus and in the residence.

Can I join again for 200 Hours YTTC Program once it is completed?

Those who have completed 200 Hours YTTC are not permitted to continue in the next batch. If they prefer, they can continue for the advanced 300 Hours YTTC Program


All participants have to fully remit the fees at the time of admission.

Can I bring pet animals?

Participants are not allowed to rear domestic animals of any kinds within the Yogashram and in the residence.

Is there any facility for laundry? And is it Free of Charge?

Laundry facility is available. Additional charges to be paid for using laundry facility.