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Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course

Santhiyoga / Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course



Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course

(Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Alliance International Certifications)

In this online foundation course we are following the traditional Mysore teachings, inspired by Sri T.Krishnamacharya to Sri Pattabhi Jois.

According to the ancient teaching method, Ashtang Yoga is a systematic arrangement of Body, Breath and Mind.

During this Foundation Course we’ll go through the Asanas of the Primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa until Navasana position that means “Half Primary”. Proper focus will be put on the breath work, coordinating the flow of Prana with the body movements.

Inroduction of Ashtanga Yoga
Asthanga Yoga has 6 series, divide in to Yoga Chikitsa, Nadishodhna and Sthira Baaga A B C D

Each needs to be practice with Vinyasa and Tristana

Vinyasa is a synchronised flow of body movement with breathing to get in, stay in, and getting out of an asnas.

Tristana is the name for the union of Ujjay (Pranyama), Bandha (Dharana) and Drishti (Prathyara) that we follow in Ashtanga practice. This will allow our awareness to be trapped in different regions of our body, it will reduce the distraction of our mind and increase the concentration and lead to Meditation (Dhyana).

The Asnas are always practice in pre-determined order or sequence.

Primary Series
The Ashtanga Primary Series is also called Roga chikitsa Vibhaya योग चिकित्सा that in Sanskrit means “Disease Treatment Department” (this name seems to have evolved later into “Yoga Chikitsa”, that is “Yoga Treatment”). It’s cleansing and working both on body and mind.

The world Primary means “first” as well as “main”, and even if Ashtanga Vinyasa is made up of six series (Primary, Intermediate and four Advanced Series), the Primary is usually the only series (even just half of it) that is taught.

This sequence will mainly focus on increasing the capacity of our digestive system as well as work on the spinal alignment and activating the minor muscles of our body, following deeply the yogic concept.

Strength and Awareness
On a physical level the Asanas build strength and flexibility in the body, loosening tight muscles and realigning and detoxifying the body and nervous system. It will also lubricate joints, massages internal organs, releases chronic tension, improves circulation and energizes and refreshes, helps with weight loss as well.

We are creating an imaginary wave by moving the spine, to create a circle – going and back in a reverse order – that will properly work to increase our energy level.

On a mental level, through regular practice focus, willpower, mind-body awareness and confidence are improved as we overcome the mental obstacles to our practice. On a subtle level the Primary series works therapeutically to clear obstacles in the energy channels in the body (known as Nadis).

Asnas Practice
The Asanas on which we will be focusing are the following:

Surya Namaskar A – Aruna Surya Namaskar – Driver that comes before the sun – it’s composed by 9 Vinyasa and it will focus on the spine and grand dorso > starting the warm up

Surya Namaskar B – Maha Saura – Great Solar – it’s composed by 17 Vinyasa and it will focus on the joints and the lower parts of our body > increasing the heat of our body

Our Teacher

Jeo Varghese

Co-founder of Trishula yoga and healing, Milan, Italy.
Jeo is a travelling yoga teacher living a minimalist life seeking the wisdom of yoga who is spending most of the time in nature.
He is a certified 500 hours YTTC (Alliance International)

Certifications from:

  • Santhi yoga international,Kerala
  • Pranavysha yoga shala,Mysore
  • Ashtanga Sadhna, Mysore
  • Ashtanga Yogatantra Research School, Mysore.
  • Certified thai traditional massage therapist from Thailand (ministry of public health, Thai healing alliance international)
  • Pranic healing advanced level (Kerala pranic healers association)

His main interests are in travelling and meeting yogis in India and Nepal to study yogic and tantric methods to bring it to life to enhance the human abilities and sharing the knowledge from his experiences to the students.

Alice Avaldi

Co-founder of Trishula yoga and healing, Milan, Italy
With a background in Theoretical Philosophy, Alice travelled for more than two years between Nepal and India to deepen her yoga practice and her spiritual journey.
500 Hrs certified by Yoga Alliance (Santhi Yoga International – Kerala, India)
She spent one year in Mysore studying Prana Vashya with Vinay Kumar and Ashtanga Vinyasa (Mysore style) with Vijay Kumar and Kushal Ram.
Intensive Pranayama and Back bending courses with Vinay Kumar.

Course Package Includes:




Parivritta trikonasana


Parivritta parsvakonasana

Prasarita padottanasana A, B, C, D


Utthita hasta padangushtasana A, B, C

Ardha baddha padmottanasana


Virabadhrasana A, B


Paschimottanasana A, B, C


Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana

Trianga mukha eka pada paschimottanasana

Janu sirsasana A, B, C

Marichyasana A, B, C, D


(End of ``Half Primary``)

Course Duration – 3 Months
First month is an introduction of Surya Namaskar, Half Primary series, all Asnas and Vinyasa flow. Second months – Improvising posture correction, flexibility training and building up strength.Third month – Focused on deep back bending and advance asnas.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course

Next Batch Starting at 10th December 2020

Last date of booking - 8th December

Course Schedule

Morning Batch - 11 AM to 12 PM

Evening Batch - 7 PM to 8 PM

Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course Session

3 months of practice covering half primary series, some of advance and back bending asanas.

One hour session 3 days in a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Fee payment for Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Course

₹15000 for 3 months (Monthly 5000)

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I really, really would like to thank you for the great month. I spend here in September 2018. I am so happy to do my Yoga Teacher Training Course with loving and caring people like you. It was great has every individual teacher made this time enlightned for us in theirown way. SYIF is situated in a calm atmosphere. I got deeper insights and understanding of Yoga and MySelf. I found a way to find happiness within myself and feel somuch better about myself, my body and my mind! Thank you!!

Happy to do my YTTC with Loving and Caring People

Barbara v. Glasenapp, Germany

I go back with things that will far more help me in my life, especially my yoga practice, and teach others so that they can alone find their way. *The Practice Schedule with 2x meditation, 2x Asanas, 2x classes is very good with balance with theory and practice. It was intense but indepth! *We had diversity of internal and external teachers to guide. *Atmosphere is quiet/peaceful location far from town friendly at the same time very professional *Excursions and Saturdays are really a "plus" to go out to visit. I was really happy that all teachers were with us they are really dedicated! (even on Sundays) *Food simple and vegan, quantity enough. *Exam very serious preparation

I Really Want To Thank You All!

Anne Flore & Frederic Keldi, France

At the yoga centre I met Team Santhi - now what can I say about them! Mohanji, Nidish, Jawahar and Abilash, such an amazing team, great teachers, experts in their fields and beautiful humanbeings too. So kind,, happy and giving. Nothing was never a problem. My group and I were in Kerala in August, 2018 - the month of the flood and it was quite trickey time for al. Despite, I am sure, having worries about theirown homes and family, Team Santhi did everything they could and more to make us feel safe and happy. Thank you. Coming from the West and practising Asana, Pranayama and a little bit of Meditation - the teaching and experience at Santhi Yoga took me far a deeper than that. The big focus on yoga tradition and Indian Philosophy was difficult to grasp at first, however once I'd embraced it and trusted the process and the teachers - I found it and amazing and valuable experience. Unique and Fulfilling. Thank you All!!

Santhi Yoga International - A Wonderful Yoga/Kerala Experience

Tracey Close, USA

We have enjoyed our adventurous and valuable time here at Santhi Yoga International. Despite the flood, all our classes continued, which shows great dedication of all the teachers here thank you for that! We want to thank you everyone; Mohanji, Nidhish, Jawahar and Abhilash - but we especially want to thank Nidhish for the insightful teachings and patient explanations of every theoretical information, keeping it so personal we will definitely not forget our time here and all the people we have met along the way. May be see in the future here in India or there in Spain always welcome to visit us in Barcelona!

Mo & Marly

The Netherlands / Spain

Wonderful experience! . My 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Santhi Yoga was a wonderful experience!. The accommodation was really nice, we lived in a nice house with big rooms and everyone had his own bathroom. On the Saturdays we were going on trips to the backwaters and the mountains and a martial arts center and we had lots of fun and saw beautiful landscapes. All in all I can just say thank you Mohanji, Abhiji and Nidhiji for being my teachers and friends and giving me one of the best experiences in my life.

Laura Mannila


Thank you. The experience here was amazing. I learned a lot about myself and yoga. I love the way that all the information you get, you can experience in the course. Good quality acommodation. There were a lot of interesting and inspiring teachers. I felt that organizers really care about you and they allways tried to do their best. I met a lot of amazing peoples here. These persons are creating a better world. Thank you for everything. Thank you for knowledge and good luck in the future. I don't have any issues 🙂

Ignas Cepulis


I did my 300 hours with Santhi Yoga and I have to say it was the best decision. All the teachers were wonderful, but I have to say I especially enjoyed philosophy classes with Nidhish, who is the most beautiful and inspiring person I've ever met. Each day was different and it was never boring. Every week they took us on different trips, so we had a chance to see the beautiful surroundings of Pala. I especially enjoyed trip to Backwaters and mountains 🙂 I highly recommend Santhi Yoga to everyone. I got a new Indian family and for sure I'll be back 🙂

Alexandra Konradova

Slovak Republic

Super-nice-experience in Kerala Santhi Yoga Internatioala. Yoga is taught with deep knowledge. The classes are lead by yoga professionals . I was enjoying a family atmosphere as the teachers especially the daily team (mohanji, nidhish and abhilash) were caring their students with regard to food accommodation and safety. the accommodation is beautiful & clean. the food is delicious & homely the location is just wonderful surrounded by a beautiful garden nearby also a bamboo forest.

Livia Lalita Zgraggen


Go to India to find yourself. Cliché yes. Having been to Rishekesh and India before I had an idea of kind of what to expect, or so I thought. I chose the course because of the syllabus and having a particular interest in Ayurveda it had everything I was looking for. Food is tasty and vegetarian if you are not a fan of curry you might struggle but I found it perfect and was never left hungry. Overall it is a very real experience and as authentic as I have seen in India, the hospitality of the people at Hosana Mount really will touch your heart.

David Steyn


The staff at the Ashram were so kind and accommodating. Mohanji, Nedish, and Abilash (the main staff) make a great team and really helped provide me and my class mates with an authentic Kerala experience. The outings were fun and the food at local restaurants is amazing! The food was healthy and delicious at the Canteen as well. I would recommend Santhi Yoga to anyone who is looking for an Authentic Yoga experience from India. “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodah.” Thank you Santhi Yoga for helping me figure out who I am.

Alyssa Dean


The experience in Santhi Yoga School was amazing, the way that everybody take care of you and make feel you like at home. Teachers are very friendly and ready to explain a topic any number of time with lot of patience. Food very nice! I enjoyed every breakfast, lunch and dinner!! Many teachers coming to talk about many topics: Meditation, Jnana Yoga, Naturopathy, all the classes were interesting. Thanks to everybody, I will never forget these times!