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Santhiyoga / Meditation

Meditation is the most important aspect of yoga. Meditation is the 7thAnga of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. It is a gate way to the inner world. There may be different practices to reach the ultimate goal. But the end is one and the same, that is Self Realization. Besides, meditation has amazing physical and mental beauty.

We are training our aspirants different techniques of meditation such as concentration meditation, mindfulness meditation, simple meditation techniques for beginners, transcendental meditation, Upasana meditation, Osho meditation and so on.

These meditation techniques will naturally prevent the lopsided growth of the human mind. It will help gain mastery over the mind by adding the dimension of cessation of thoughts. Not suppression but sublimation. Not just learning to concentrate and focus but to invoke the skill to calm down the mind of the aspirants.