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Your search ends in yoga!

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Your search ends in yoga!

You have searched for the best always either in your own home or away. What is it? The answer differs from person to person. Life’s experiences has taught you that its not only money or a rewarding career that matters to you all, at least during a certain stage in your life. Still, you feel a void. How to be devoid of the void that seems so inevitable, the search continues. The answer is in you. In fact, you are the answer.

The responsible person

“ In peace of mind, all sorrows of a human being disappears” Says Bhagavad-Gita. It is peace of mind and not pieces of mind! Peace seems so simple, yet, why a person don’t get it in spite of best efforts, is the question. The answer is, peace is always there, it is disturbed with one’s own mind! “ One should raise oneself by oneself, one should not demean oneself by oneself; One is one’s own friend and one is one’s own enemy” reminds Bhagavad-Gita.

The Intruders of Peace

The distracted mind is inefficient. Mind itself is efficient due to distractions, it creates a myth in you. The myth is that I am restless or inefficient. If you are aware of the whole mind, then there can not be any intrusions. intrusion can be sadness, fear, jealousy, hatred, egoism, lust etc., If you are able to bring the mind back from these emotions to dwell upon the Truth, which is awareness, then you are what you are!

You are the Owner of Peace

If you are aware of the intruding emotions or thoughts, then you are able to bring the mind back to the reality- awareness. All your emotions subsides in your awareness. Thoughts and emotions does not have an independent entity, which is very much evident from the fact that all of them dissolves in your awareness!

When you are aware of sadness, it disappears, when you are aware of fear, it loses its existence, when you are aware of hatred it is no more on your mind! All the functions like disturbing thoughts which happen due to mechanicalness of the mind and inevitable emotions lose themselves in your awareness.

How to be aware always is the million dollar question.

Yoga unfolds the solution.

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